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The Giuntini wine cellar is a private cellar containing more than 3,000 bottles of Italian, French, Spanish, and other wines from around the world.


This cellar is an addition to a residence where no appropriate space for a wine cellar existed.


The existing house was extended for the cellar by dropping down from a ground floor room to bury the cellar half underground. The design with thick concrete and brick walls and a unique vaulted roof and ceiling structure magically give the experience of being in an underground cellar.


With the massive walls, exceptional insulation, and a high-quality cellar environment control system the cellar will maintain a stable temperature setting anywhere between 55 and 60 degrees, at 60% to as high as 70% relative humidity year round.


We assembled standard redwood racks to create a variety of storage arrangements for bottles of all sizes in a custom arrangement for this cellar. The floor and stairway are of natural stone with the interior walls lined with stacked stone. The groin vault ceiling is lined with a light gray ceramic tile and lighted with concealed, non UV, diffuse LED fixtures above the racks. All these materials provide a superb background for the racks and wines.

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